What size should my Christmas tree skirt be??

This question has been asked thru my Etsy shop many times.  Of course, there is no clear cut answer!  

And, of course, I need to ask a question before an answer can be determined.  'Do you decorate with an artificial tree or a real tree?'  

With the large variety of choices available in the artificial tree retail world, the tree skirt size is no easy decision.  Much of the advice or guidelines you may have read suggest determining the size of a tree skirt for your artificial tree by the height of the tree.  I recommend looking at the width of the lowest branches of your artificial tree.  

Just a quick reminder here of what we were taught in geometry class.

  • the 'diameter' is the measurement straight thru the center of the circle, across from edge to edge.  
  • the 'radius' of the circle would be the measurement from the center of the circle to its edge.  
  • the 'circumference' would be the measurement completely around the edge of the circle.  

Any one of these measurements could be used to determine what size of tree skirt you would like.

7' artificial tree with tree skirt of 60" diameter

Once you have your tree set up, identify the diameter (or the radius or the circumference) of the lowest branch area of your tree.  If you have just purchased a new tree, this measurement might be found in the tree's description.  The easiest measurement would probably be the radius.....from the tree trunk to the lowest branch edge.  

With measuring device in hand, determine where you would like the edge of the skirt to be.....that could be just covering the tree stand to extending beyond the lower branches of your tree.....measure from where the edge would be to the tree trunk(radius).... record that measurement.

44" diameter tree skirt with gifts

7' real tree with a tree skirt of 50" diameter

If you decorate a real tree, height would be an acceptable guideline.  

  • 6'-8' trees.....44" diameter(20" radius) tree skirt
  • 8'-10' trees.....50" diameter(23" radius) tree skirt
  • 12' and larger trees....60" diameter(27" radius) tree skirt

This is a photo of an 8' real tree with a tree skirt with a 44" diameter.

This beautiful 10' real tree has a tree skirt with a diameter of 44".

As you see in the photo samples, quidelines were not followed by all!  And that is okay.....it is your choice!

In the tree skirt listings in my Etsy shop, the measurements I use to describe the size of the tree skirt are the diameter and the radius. 

The basic size I construct is 44 inches in diameter, approximately 20 inches from trunk to edge(radius) or 138 inches around the edge(circumference). 

36 inches in diameter is the smallest I make and 60 inches in diameter is the largest.  Any style of the personalized tree skirts seen in my shop can be customized to your desired size.  

One final note about the center opening of the tree skirt.......the standard opening size for the basic 44" diameter skirt is a 4 inch diameter circle.  The size increases with the bigger skirts(up to 6 inches) and decreases with the smaller ones.  These sizes usually work well with artificial trees.  Real tree trunks vary more and tend to be thicker.  

With most tree skirts in my shop, 2 closure options are available....button and loop or fabric ties.  Fabric ties would be more versatile and allow for the varying sizes of trunks of the real trees.

4" center opening with button and loop closure on a tree skirt for a real tree

fabric tie sample

Perhaps this information has answered your questions about the sizes of tree skirts or maybe confused you more!  Please contact me with further questions!